Fatma Lootah

Fatma Lootah stands as a towering figure within the artistic landscape, heralded as a pre-eminent cultural and artistic envoy for the UAE on the global stage. Hailing from Dubai, Lootah's formative years were steeped in the rich cultural milieu of her homeland. Her artistic journey led her to the esteemed corridors of the Art Academy of Baghdad, where she honed her craft before advancing her studies in Washington DC, a city renowned for its vibrant art scene.

Lootah has made Verona her home since the 1980s. Nevertheless, she maintains a profound connection with Dubai, frequenting the city to engage with her craft at her exclusive studio, House 35, nestled within the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. This studio, a testament to her esteemed position in the art community, was bestowed upon her by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2010. The gift followed His Highness's attendance at one of her solo exhibitions, signifying his belief in her need for a dedicated creative sanctuary in Dubai.

Lootah's artistry has been showcased across a multitude of prestigious venues worldwide, including but not limited to Italy, France, the UAE, Austria, Morocco and the United States. In the latter, her works have graced the dynamic backdrop of New York's Times Square as part of the Nasdaq Artist in Residence program.

Beyond the canvas and installations, Lootah's acclaim extends to high-profile appearances within leading publications such as Marie Claire Arabia, Vogue Arabia and The National. Her insights and artistry have also been sought after by numerous television programs, further cementing her status as an artist of international repute.

Fatma Lootah

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    Lasting Impressions: Beauty and Art

    Artist Fatma Lootah and writer Patrick Bringley (All the Beauty in the World) ponder beauty and discuss the importance of contemplation and connection when viewing art.

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