Gelong Thubten

Gelong Thubten is a Buddhist monk and one of the UK's most influential meditation teachers. Though his life started in a disparate place. Thubten followed his mother into acting and by the time he reached 21 he was leading a wild life in New York City. He suddenly found himself in crisis, facing near-fatal burnout. That dramatic event forced Thubten to change his life completely. He returned to the UK and joined a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Scotland. He trained over the following 30 years, studying under some of the most experienced Tibetan masters.

Thubten is now highly sought-after teacher in his own right. He works with Silicon Valley tech giants, Hollywood stars, the NHS and schoolchildren. He was asked by Marvel to train Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton in meditation on the set of their film Doctor Strange. He has even delivered keynote speeches for the United Nations. He is a key figure in the introduction of mindfulness to the mainstream, modern world.

In 2019, Thubten became a Sunday Times bestselling author with the publication of his first book A Monk’s Guide to Happiness. He also collaborated with Ruby Wax on her best-selling book and theatre show How to be Human. His latest book is Handbook for Hard Times: A Monk’s Guide to Fearless Living. Thubten believes that hard times present an opportunity to discover our true strength. By ‘leaning in’ to our suffering we can re-frame our thinking and arrive at a deeper level of wisdom.

Gelong Thubten

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    Gelong Thubten: A Monk’s Guide to Fearless Living

    Gelong Thubten takes to the stage to share salient lessons from Handbook for Hard Times: A Monk’s Guide to Fearless Living, his compendium of mindfulness and meditation.

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