Jay Hong

Jay Hong is the Founder and Director of Road Masters, a global citizenship education programme aimed at enhancing cross-cultural understanding. Since its inception in 2004, it has conducted numerous workshops across South Korea, the UAE, Qatar, China and numerous African countries.

He is also the Associate Director at the Torch Trinity Centre for Islamic Studies in South Korea, as well as a Visiting Lecturer at the Global Trade Expert Incubating Programme (GTEP), which is run in cooperation with several universities and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea International Trade Association. Hong has previously been the Director of Sarang Plus Korean Cultural Centre, as well as a consultant for a Korean market development team in Doha, Qatar. In South Korea, he was a researcher at the Torch Trinity Centre as well as the Korea Housing Institute.

He holds a PhD in Middle Eastern politics from Hankuk University in South Korea, a Master's degree in International Cooperation and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Korea University, and a Diploma in EU-Asian studies from Sciences Po in France. Hong lived and worked in Seoul and Doha before moving to Ras Al Khaimah with his wife and two children.

Jay Hong

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