Khulood Amir

Khulood Amir is a professional life coach who believes in the exchange of experiences and contact between the coach and the recipient.

She worked as a professional coach and consultant for firms in various industries. The diversity of her customers' cultures and customs led her to recognise that fundamental change must begin within in order to affect the outside and achieve personal and professional goals.

Her background includes training executives, government roles, and private organisations. She has influenced many individuals and assisted them in achieving their objectives and living a healthy life. During her voyage between Iraq, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, she worked with various international firms.

She helped to start various enterprises in the industrial sphere and served on several committees and agencies. She led the Iraqi Women's Work Council in Exile for two terms in a row.

She has presented several lectures, training courses, and television programmes, the most recent of which was a weekly component on MBC's Good Morning Arabs programme. She feels that self-development and trying to open new vistas in the path of life are among the most essential concerns since she believes that change comes from inside.

Khulood Amir

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    Stay up late with us to hear from some of the Arab world’s most wily of writerly wits – Khulood Amir, Ahmed Bakheet and Ashraf Fagih – hosted by broadcaster Ibrahim Ustadi.

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