Mthayel Al Ali

Mthayel Al Ali is a proud daughter of Sharjah, and before she is anything else – an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, a podcast host, or a public figure – she is human. Though she takes part in many roles, at the heart of it all lies a desire to truly inspire growth. A growth that expands in different shapes; a product, a message, or a raw, unfiltered idea.

The pulse that beats within the heart of all Mthayel’s endeavours is first and foremost women empowerment and advocacy. Through sharing her identity, culture and development process with her audience, she hopes to be a source of inspiration and an enabler for every woman to live her truth. Using her social platforms as a tool, Mthayel yearns to start a conversation by sharing personal and honest experiences, along with views about sensitive topics in the region, such as normalising taking care of your mental health.

Mthayel also understands that true change starts with the self, but is implemented through community work. Being an aunt to 14 nieces and nephews, she is conscious that creating a safe space for them to express their own identities and experiences is essential. As their aunt, she learned the importance of a wider family unit, and how it can positively play into children’s developmental journey.

Mthayel Al Ali

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    Mthayel Al Ali on Womanhood

    Mthayel Al Ali, a trailblazing Emirati artist and entrepreneur renowned for fearlessly addressing critical issues related to gender and diversity, speaks about her journey.

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