Naouel Chaoui

Naouel Chaoui is a veteran of United Nations Organisations, and has worked in University Academic and Administration, Communication, Marketing, Public and International Relations. Her passion, though, is her work as a writer and literary curator.

Initially a university professor of Modern Literature, Naouel joined the United Nations as a Training and Research Officer. She moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1999, when she worked for an Executive MBA program at the American University of Sharjah.

As President of Parents Community Group at Emirates International School, Chaoui has collaborated with psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, cyberbullying professionals to bring better communication within families. She has also created numerous book clubs in schools and founded the Readers’ Majlis Book Club.

Chaoui worked closely with Dubai International Writers’ Centre and was the former Marketing Manager at the Emirates Literature Foundation. She regularly moderates in numerous festivals and cultural platforms, including the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. She also launched a book at the festival in 2020 entitled FoodPrints: A Collective Memoir, featuring 10 women’s reflections on culinary traditions.

She is currently curating and co-writing a series of books called Legacy. The first book in the series, Memorable Flavours, was launched in 2022, a collective memoir of 12 Dubai-based women centered on family memories and their cultural traditions.

Chaoui holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and English, a master’s in Business Administration, and a master’s in Peace Education. She is a certified Executive Coach and a PhD from Università di Siena Italy and Sorbonne University in Paris.

Naouel Chaoui

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