Yousuf Alfahim

Yousuf Alfahim is a remarkable 10-year-old with a passion for adventure and a deep commitment to the environment. Born in Dubai in 2013, he embarked on a unique journey when he temporarily relocated to Oxford, England, in 2022. During this time, he attended Rye St. Antony School in Headington, Oxford, where he was inspired by the breathtaking English countryside and the great outdoors, as well as the captivating history of the city.

Alfahim's time spent exploring the natural beauty of Oxford with his friends ignited a profound love for the environment. It was during these adventures that he felt a calling to protect and preserve our planet. This newfound passion led him to write his first book, Arctic Quest of the Dragon Cats, where he weaves environmental themes with his love for storytelling.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Alfahim is an avid reader and a talented artist. He finds joy in fencing, parkour, and nurturing his artistic talents. His commitment to the environment, coupled with his creative spirit, marks him as a young eco-enthusiast with a bright future dedicated to preserving our planet.

Yousuf Alfahim

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